Bernie Sanders foolish to believe in the Super Powers of the naive – Ask Masih Alinejad

Bernie Sanders recent rise in the opinion polls brings with it a big problem. Two of the thundering firebrands of the Democratic party have weighed in behind his campaign but their support brings a lot of potential issues and comes with a hefty price.

Rep Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez are publicly cheerleading his presidential bid and one could argue that it’s AOC’s support base that’s solely responsible for the early January enthusiasm in Bernie Sanders and his Presidential campaign.

On digital paper they make a good combination –  the youthful rebel blended with the wise old socialist. On real paper it is a disastrously un-electable combination. If full out socialism is what’s on the table then the Democrats will get a bigger beating than Jeremy Corbyn and the UK Labour party did at the tail end of 2019.

Time was, that when fresh, electrifying politicians arrived on the scene a wise old head of a political party would take them under their wing and introduce them to concepts of consent, bargaining, deal-making and co-operation. The mechanics of getting things done.

It seems that the social media generation of politician has no time for such trifles. The new model is THEY take the wizened old fools under their wing and explain why experience is oh so 1990’s a concept. Naivety and noise are order of the day while  in the process explaining why indeed fools must rush in. Bernie will pay a price for this pandering and it won’t be one that ends with him in the White House.

Having the support of Representative Ilhan Omar so publicly is also a poisoned chalice. The unrelenting focus on President Trump in the last few months by the media has done her a huge favour. She’s been free to preach from her social media soap-box largely unchallenged. But make no mistake that will change soon. Very soon.

Her asinine, addictive commentary on Iran-gate has been farcical and also a good example of how incessant twerping on subjects you have no in depth knowledge of, will eventually trip you up . The elimination of General Soleimani has been presented by her as an example of Trump the warmonger. She keeps calling for no War in Iran which is exactly the same position as President Trump actually. He just isn’t afraid to eliminate terrorists in order to set the boundaries.

This brings me neatly to a woman you may not have heard of – Masih Alinejad.

Masih Alinejad is an independent, Iranian Journalist who freelances for Voice of America among many other news outlets. Rep Omar retweeted an article that is defamatory of Alinejad and supportive the current Iranian Leadership, perhaps because Alinejad is a stern critic of the current Iranian regime is the reason she shared the story. Omar clearly wanted to throw Ms Alinejad under the same bus as most republicans that cross her path. She picked the wrong foe, this is a woman fighting an Iranian regime who have recently taken her brother hostage to try and shut her up.

This is what authentically corrupt governments do to shutdown a Free Press. Lefty media outlets complain about Trump’s treatment of them. But has a Press ever been more brazen and free to say anything they want about a President in the history of the United States?

In genuinely un-free countries – the Leader doesn’t tweet FAKE NEWS while liberally mentioning their organisations in half his tweets as Trump does. They put you in jail. They put your family in Jail. Nobody talks about you. Nobody is outraged because outrage will land you in the same cell.

The curiosity is that the tweet Omar shared on her platform was to an article from a think tank that is very much sweet on the current Iranian regime. It was either Naive or calculated, neither of which bears thinking about. Regardless of whether you believe the missile strike on Iran was justified or not there is no question in my mind that the Iranian leadership is a malevolent force in the Middle- East and has been for longer than Ilhan Omar has walked this earth. That this terrorist Soleimani is presented as a victim in the media and certain politicians is disgusting.

I think it only fair, at this point, to lay out Masih Alinejad’s entire response to Rep Ilhan Omar here as she doesn’t have the same platform or enjoy an equivalent media darling-ship that the Somalia-born representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district currently bathes in.




Masih Alinejad is in the unfortunate position of being a truth-sayer in the wrong narrative. All political guns are trained on eliminating President Trump and this involves exploding in faux-outrage at his every decision. Truth is the first casualty of all wars and this is most especially the case in media wars. I believe Masih’s truth about the Iranian regime will be amply vindicated by history if not be the current news cycle. The Omar recklessness and ability to turn a blind eye to the above, merely copper-fastens my impression of her as a hyprocrite drunk on fame.

That Ilhan Omar has colossal questions of her own to answer is not in doubt, the fact that her buddies in the media are giving her a free ride at the moment has emboldened her immeasurably.  However the first rule of media hype is that it never last forever. The questions will come eventually and when they do they will be brutal for Omar.

Did she in fact marry her brother to help him get a Visa?

Was she involved in revenue fraud in her Marriage/non-marriage/marriage again to her first and second husbands?

These are some pretty shocking questions to be asking of a member of the United States House of Representatives. And when it’s the likes of  Tom Fitton, from Judicial Watch that is asking them I tend to sit up and take notice. If Fitton is on the case he will get to the bottom of all the current queries surrounding her.  The best homicide detectives don’t usually involve themselves in a case unless they’re pretty sure a murder has been committed.

Tim Fitton.JPG

So Bernie has hitched his wagon to Omar and AOC; it may be a move that wins him the Democratic nomination. But it’s most definitely a move that loses the war. If you want to make an argument for a new type of socialism well then fine go out and make that argument and see where it get you.

But don’t try the ” fool all of the people all of the time routine ” with this happy-clappy thesis that you can sit a socialist model of government on top of a free market capitalist economy. You can’t. Even Karl Marx wouldn’t come up with something so daft. It’s a ridiculous notion promoted by inexperienced, naive politicians who are confusing twitter stardom with the day to day reality of running a country.

Ilhan Omar makes constant reference to the working class people she claims to represent. Well the first thing a ‘Working Class’ person wants, shock horror, is decently paid work. The clue is in the title.

The greatest monument we have seen to new age leftism is sanctuary cities. The majority of them controlled by Democrats who seem to think inviting and protecting large volumes of illegal aliens is great news for the working class of America. It pits the most vulnerable citizens in the United States against vulnerable illegals for work and housing.

Result: reduced working conditions and rising homelessness

Trump is often criticized on the right for not fully executing his promises on immigration. However he has managed to get the Mexican government to dedicate close on 30,000 troops on the Mexican side of the border to help him. His tough talk in the early days of his presidency paid off in that regard. In 2019 over 1,000,000 illegal immigrants were halted at and around the Mexican Border one of the highest on record.

Stemming illegal immigration gives the working class a chance to breathe and eventually forces employers to increase wages. The economic numbers from the end of 2019 back this up. Wages rose highest for the lower paid.

Will Bernie,  Ilhan Omar and the rest of the Democratic Marvel characters be able to deliver the same targeted results?

Because that is what the competition is currently delivering.

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