McGregor sells close to 2.5 million bottles of Whiskey in 6 months. Expect a response.

The Irish Times did the world a favour last week. They tracked down some official sales numbers for the Conor McGregor Proper No.12 Whiskey Label.

But Business people sure do like to make things complicated. The figures are given in Units of 9 litre cases. So a little breakdown is required.

200,000 – 9 litre cases sold since launch

9 Litres translates to 12 standard bottles of whiskey.

200,000 – 12 bottle cases sold since launch

And Obviously what that translates to is

2.4 Million bottles of whiskey at roughly 25 bucks a bottle.

60 millions dollars in sales give or take the odd freebie.


What we must take into account though is that these are most likely 6 month sales figures. So if McGregor can keep at the same pace of sales for the rest of the year he is looking at sales north of 120 million in his first year of operation. Pretty astounding for  a guy marketing the stuff with little more than a Twitter and Instagram account.

The next question to be asked now will be  –  How much of the purchasing has been of a once off novelty nature?. A full set of annual figures will reveal more.

Two queries are relevant at the moment.

Can he keep this meteoric pace of sales going?

Is the Proper no 12 Whiskey Label likely to be a once off buy from the fanbase of the Irishman ?

These are the two major questions the Irish Whiskey market and competitors are asking themselves right now. Because if he can hold and grow from the start he has made – the other longer established Whiskey Brands (Jameson, Powers, Paddy) in the country will really start getting worried. Expect a reaction from them soon.

McGregor’s first set of numbers have certainly got their attention.

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